Anna Hartman-Ksycińska is a Polish photographer based in Rzeszow, Poland. She is a medical doctor, pediatrician and anesthesiologist and member of Polish Women Photographers team.

Selected as the winner of Foto Open in FotoArtFestival in Bielsko Biała, Poland, 2019
Graduate of Sputnik Photos Mentoring Program -2020.
Finalist of Krzysztof Miller Prize for documentary photographers -2020.

Individual exhibitions:

Seeking an identity, Galeria Proza, Wrocław, Poland, 2019., 

„To jest rzecz wtórna”- Opolski Festiwal Fotografii, Poland, 2021

„To jest rzecz wtórna”- Galeria Fotografii Miasta Rzeszowa, Poland, 2022

„To jest rzecz wtórna”- Galeria Ratusz Zamość, Poland, 2022

„We are real, we are important”- Galeria „U Agatki” Wroclaw, Poland, 2022

„We are real, we are important”- Galeria Obrońców Stalingradu 17 Szczecin, Poland, 2023

On-line exhibitions: VASA, Social Documentary Network, The Edge of Humanity

Group exhibitions:

Polish Women Photographers exhibition- FotoArtFestival Bielsko-Biała 2021

Polish Women Photographers exhibition „Obsession of Reality” – Galeria Fotografii Miasta Rzeszowa 2022

Polish Women Photographers exhibition „2022″, Warszawa

Exhibition „Feminine/Masculine” PH21 Gallery, Budapest, 2022

Exhibition „Portraits without faces” PH21 Gallery, Budapest, 2022

Exhibition „Feminine/Masculine” PH21 Gallery, Budapest, 2023

Exhibition „-scapes”PH21 Gallery, Barcelona 2023

In 2022 she published the photobook „Identity is a secondary thing” which was awarded on Athens Photofestival 2022 and won the bronze prize on Tokyo International Photoawards 2022.

Artist statement:

My photography focuses on human experience. I am looking for images which reflect fragility, fear, loneliness. I am attracted to individuals who lack social acceptance, or have difficulties in defining their place in the society. I have been trying to depict how often in contact with other people we are ruled by stereotypes and we are seeing exactly what we expect to see.

For me photography is a constant act of seeking. Simultaneously, it is an act of acceptance and understanding, never the act of judging. It is also an act of creation – for my protagonist and for myself. Our relationship has to be built on mutual trust.