Anna Hartman-Ksycinska is a Polish photographer based in Rzeszow, Poland. She is a medical doctor, pediatrician and anesthesiologist and member of Polish Women Photographers team.

Her documentary photography is focused mainly on social issues. Her photographs were shown on numerous individual and group Polish exhibitions and in PH21 Gallery in Budapest and Barcelona.

Her photobook „Identity is a secondary thing” was awarded on Athens Photo Festival 2022, won the Bronze Prize on Tokyo International Foto Awards 2022, the Silver Prize on PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2023, the 3rd Prize on International Photography Awards 2023 (IPA 2023) and became Bronze Winner of Budapest International Foto Awards 2023 (BIFA 2023).

She was awarded the Silver Medal in the Street Dance/Special Events category of the Paris International Street Photography Awards 2023 for the work : Behind the scenes of Miss Trans Europa 2023.

Artist statement

The photography is my passion and I am driven by believe that documentary photography beside being the source of information and knowledge should aim to be if not as much as world -changing, yet, hopefully, mind-changing medium.

As a photographer I am mainly focused on social issues.  My „why” is to investigate and depict social injustice and try to look through the eyes of those who lack social acceptance or struggle for establishing their place in society.

Photography is a constant act of seeking. Simultaneously, it is an act of acceptance and understanding, never the act of judging. It is also an act of creation – for my protagonist and for myself. Our relationship has to be built on mutual trust.