Identity is a secondary thing

Identity is a thing to be created, not discovered. A revelation moment, when all of a sudden somebody looks in the mirror and says „I know who I am” doesn’t exist. Personality is not a trait – it’s a motion, a constant flow. To adjust oneself to one label is to limit oneself. To stop seeking. Gender and sexuality shall indicate preference, not close one in the strict form. Seeking an identity means for the teenager changing an external appearance, dressing manner, personal relations, loves and authorities. If we look deep enough, under the superficial colors and bravado of young people, we could perhaps find deep layers of vulnerability, fears, loneliness and suffering of lack an acceptation and support. In the contemporary world where ,as it seems, we can buy effortlessly almost everything , our daughters and sons are seeking desperately friendship, love and loyalty, although admitting it loudly means weakness . Presented pictures are the part of my ongoing project „Identity is a secondary thing”, which tells about the group of school friends looking together for understanding, friendship and love.