We are real, we are important

Being nonbinary does not always mean experiencing the gender as both male and female; it also does not necessarily mean experiencing the gender as neither male nor female. Being nonbinary is not a fantasy, not an attempt to be original. Non binary is an identity and seeking for this identity can last for years, sometimes the whole life. This path can be painful, lonely, full of fear and lack of social acceptance.

Project „We are real, we are important” gives voice to nonbinary young people, who are brave enough to struggle for the right of being themselves. They live in different countries and cities: Lu and Mac are from Poland, August, Ari and Lee from Estonia. They have different professions, education, plans for the future. But in common they have sensibility, vulnerability, awareness of their identity, the courage to speak out for themselves and for these nonbinary persons who, for many reasons, are not ready for public coming out.

Lu told: We are different, we use different pronouns, we use different outfits. But we are real, we are important! We deserve respect, we deserve love.